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6:30pm – 8:30pm , Monday, December 2
Location: The Car Shop at Bayview Place in Vic West buy ticket $15>>

David Van Seters David
Van Seters
Kim Newns
Mike Rowe Mike
Nioole Chaland Nicole
Jason Guille Jason
Eric Dyck

New digital technologies are enabling people to connect with one another in powerful ways that create local-centric, values-based economic activity based on sharing and collaborating. The sharing economy is exploding in many different sectors and is shifting our mindset from ownership of products to access. Reputation and trust are the new currency in this sector and the opportunities are limited only by our imaginations.

Often these opportunities involve making shared used of under-utilized assets. Not only does this have a dramatic environmental benefit (but using existing resources instead of buying new), it creates social connections as community members meet to lend, swap, barter, sell or gift products and services.

Some of the more well-known companies in this space include Airbnb (rent your own place), Zipcar (car sharing), Task Rabbit (offer your skills) and Kickstarter (crowd funding). But the sharing economy is evolving rapidly as smaller, more local players and new forms of collaborative enterprises emerge.

In this session, we will hear from some of these new, local enterprises as well as others who are creating the new internet and digital platforms on which these sharing economy enterprises depend.

We will then invite the audience to join in a discussion about how we can best use social media and mobile tech tools collaboratively to shift from an economy based on material consumption and resource depletion to one that is based on community connections and resource sharing. Whether you just want to assess the sharing economy or whether you want to explore the possibilities to offer a new sharing economy service, we are confident that you will find this session both exciting and illuminating.