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9:00am – 12:00pm , Tuesday, December 3
Location: The Car Shop at Bayview Place in Vic West
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Mark SilverMark

You've been there: someone tells you they're interested in what you do, but when it comes right down to it, they say "I'll think about it" before disappearing forever. When that happens five or ten times in a row, it's not only depressing, but it's scary financially.

Learn a heart-felt, grounded, non-manipulative way to have successful conversations with potential clients, so they get the help and you don't lose the money. Here's what we'll cover:

  • The Sequence of Connection, and how not to scare yourself or your prospect with your neediness
  • The Three Components of a successful sales conversation, so you don't lose focus and waste their time or yours
  • The proper roles of marketing, love and spirituality in sales
  • How to ask for the money without losing your heart

Sacred Selling is an approach that has been tested by thousands of entrepreneurs and has proven 94% effective—meaning that 94% of the people who have taken it experience a significant increase in both their comfort and effectiveness in sales conversations.

Discarding scripts (except for one precisely-worded question) is an approach that allows you to have both an open heart—so you can be yourself—as well as leaning into a structure that feels natural and organic, and yet brings enough focus to be incredibly effective.

The workshop is in three parts:

First, understanding what sales is and isn't, and its role in the "Three Journeys of Marketing." (There will be a brief review of the model for those who weren't in the marketing workshop).

Second, working on the preparations needed prior to engaging in the conversation, including how to handle your own neediness for money and clients, and how to connect heart-to-heart with another person.

Third, learning and practicing the structure of the sacred selling conversation.

These teachings have been shared with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years and have been tested to help micro businesses in particular thrive in a dysfunctional economy.