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9:00am – 12:00pm , Monday, December 2
Location: The Car Shop at Bayview Place in Vic West
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Mark SilverMark

When you truly care about what you do, when what you do is trying to make a difference in the world, then it becomes even more important to market with integrity and heart.

"Mark Silver is the best. Full stop. Do not miss this man."
Tad Hargrave

It also becomes more critical to do it effectively as well. A dysfunctional marketplace full of manipulative practices can make it seemingly impossible for a heart-centered business person to connect with the clients and customers you need.

This workshop will help you on three different levels:

First, you'll understand marketing and business from a different perspective, one that will allow your heart and spirit a lot more ease. You'll be able to stop doing what you don't want to do anyway, and focus on marketing in a way that actually feels good.

Second, you'll learn a model for marketing that finally makes sense. A lot of marketing is learned in bits and pieces, with fragments of tactics and strategy that don't fit well together. By understanding the "Three Journeys of Marketing" model, you'll have a way to fit in new tactics and marketing ideas from almost anywhere. You will be able to easily decide how they might fit into your marketing plan, and whether you need them or not.

Third, you'll identify three elements that make for an effective marketing message that doesn't involve hype, turning up the volume, or fake "cleverness" that doesn't sound like anything you'd like to say.

Your "One Compelling Sentence" is more than a marketing message. It will go to the heart of what you do, and help you get clear on your business vision as well as your marketing strategy.

These teachings have been shared with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, and have been tested to help micro businesses in particular thrive in a dysfunctional economy.