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9:00am -12:00pm , Wednesday, December 4
Location: The Car Shop at Bayview Place in Vic West
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Mark SilverMark

Systems are often the bane of heart-centered, intuitive entrepreneurs, bringing up associations with heartless, dead-feel corporate voicemail and "We sincerely regret any inconvenience we may have caused."

Yet systems are critical to having a working business that has room for your heart and creativity. This workshop covers the nature of systems, the three spheres of systems, an overview of the stages of micro business development, and then plunges into how to create a system that works.

  • Understanding the true nature of a heart-centered system, so your heart can finally really "get it" and be at rest.
  • A different lens for understanding what systems handle that doesn't focus on the technical but instead opens up and supports relationships.
  • The three spheres of systems, and examples of how they interrelate to get your business where you want it to go (diagrams!).
  • What systems mean when it's just you and you don't have people to delegate to (yet).
  • How to prioritize where to focus by understanding the four stages of solo business development. You'll stop trying to do everything all at once and enjoy life again (OMG really is that possible?).

The three parts to this workshop include:

  • Part One: Understanding what systems are
  • Part Two: Understanding the stages of business development in the context of prioritizing systems
  • Part Three: Choosing and working on a system