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1:30 – 5:00pm , Tuesday, December 3
Location: The Car Shop at Bayview Place in Vic West buy ticket $10>>

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The Victoria Community Food Hub Society is currently conducting feasibility studies and developing business plans to build a food Hub in the CRD core area. The Hub would include a commercial production kitchen, shared office space, and storage and distribution facilities for food banks and local growers. The Hub aims to act as a Social Enterprise incubator facilitating the creation of value added products to increase local food production.

The Society has accumulated advisors and supporting organizations, but has not presented any of its research or potential models to its stakeholders. We hope to use this session at the New Economy Conference to present our preliminary draft business plan to get feedback from key members of the community who work outside the core food advocacy groups.

Content will include:

  • introduction to the concept of Food Hubs vs. Food Centres
  • introduction to the current project and proposal for Victoria: what we are & are not
  • outline of the community need and potential uses
  • outline of the business proposal with challenges/problems

A mini-charrette will explore what the food hub could/should include on the Island. Topics considered will be:

  • organizational structure (how to run the Hub)
  • location and building design (a home for the Hub)
  • programming (trade training programs, others)
  • enterprise incubation (business grants, advice, programs)
  • project development (fundraising, communications)