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7:00-9:00pm, Friday, November 29
Location: The Car Shop at Bayview Place in Vic West
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Ian MacKenzie
Carol Anne Hilton Carol Anne
Ethan Roland Ethan
Donna Morton Donna
Lauren Dobell Lauren

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.”
― Buckminster Fuller

THE HUMAN SPECIES sits at a cross-roads - the path ahead uncertain. Many of us sense the existing economic order is driving our lives and the environment towards the brink of collapse. Problems emerge like heads of a hydra - cut one off, and three rise to take their place.

David Suzuki proclaimed recently that environmentalism has failed. Battles won in the 60’s and 70’s did not lead to systemic change. “We fundamentally failed to use those battles to get that awareness, to shift the paradigm.”


Coastline is a string ensemble comprised of 15 of BC's top young musicians coached and mentored by renowned fiddle phenomenon, "Ivonne Hernandez."

A paradigm is the fundamental stories which a society imposes on the world. As author Charles Eisenstein has shown, the dominant culture rests on the following assumptions: you are an independent being in an indifferent universe, driven to maximize your own self-interest. The destiny of humanity is to exert maximum control on the rest of creation.

We know today the effects have been disastrous. And yet, a realistic alternative has yet to emerge to take its place.

Daniel Pinchbeck believes our response must take a systems-approach: "The only conceivable response is the rapid construction and universal dissemination of a comprehensive alternative, a new “operating system” for human society. Revolution is an antiquated term that refers to older political and social arrangements. What we require now is more like a metamorphosis..."


Meet our speakers who will co-create an evening of deep discussion on the emerging paradigm, which will kick off a week of events, workshops, and speakers imagining and building this new economic reality.

ETHAN ROLAND - Drawing on his book ‘Regenerative Enterprise’, Ethan will share how permaculture design principles can help to frame and fuel new economic shifts.

CAROL ANNE HILTON - How can ancient indigenous practices and principles can be applied in a modern context to help frame and fuel new economic shifts? This is the realm of Indigenomics.

DONNA MORTON - Who is going to finance the new economy, the economy that moves beyond "sustain" to regeneration? Who is going to invest in the new social entrepreneurs who can transform poverty into purpose? The answer is: we are. Donna will illuminate how.

IAN MACKENZIE [FACILITATOR] - Media activist and resident storyteller Ian MacKenzie (Sacred Economics, Occupy Love) will guide the flow of the evening and invoke a collective experience that will leave you inspired and awed.

buy ticket $15>>

Doors open and Coastline entertainment at 6:30 pm -- come early, settle in and sink deep into the riveting music of this award-winning youth ensemble.